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Exercise Ball Workout

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Roll some fun into your fitness program with an inexpensive exercise ball and six simple exercises.

By Christie Aschwanden
Photos by Andy Lyons

You probably know that strength training boosts your metabolism by building lean muscle mass. But if you thought you needed to pump iron to reap the benefits, think again. With an exercise ball and a little space, you can build muscle and increase your metabolism with a full-body workout designed by exercise instructor Ashley Kipp.

Exercises using a ball trump weight-room workouts when you want to target core muscles, such as the abdominals, hips, and lower back. These muscles constantly work to keep you balanced, says Kipp, owner of the Pikes Peak Pilates and Health studio and a senior coach with Carmichael Training Systems (the folks who coach Lance Armstrong).

“This workout builds functional strength that will help you in everyday movements like lifting groceries, climbing stairs, and picking up your children,” Kipp says.

Before you begin the workout, warm up with five minutes of walking or another exercise that gets your heart pumping.

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