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Heart Attack Symptoms: What Does a Heart Attack Feel Like?

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The signs and symptoms of a heart attack change for each person and often go unrecognized. Here, people share the symptoms of their heart attack in hopes that you might recognize one yourself.

By Sara Broek
Reviewed by Curtis Rimmerman, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.C. 2009

When trying to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack, understand that yours may not be anything like the heart attacks you see in the movies-clutching at your chest in pain, gasping for breath, and collapsing to the floor.

Heart attack symptoms run the gamut from shortness of breath to indigestion to throbbing chest pain. Some people experience a combination of symptoms; others don't have any symptoms.

Read on to find all the signs and symptoms of a heart attack for men and women, as well as what they felt like for those that experienced them. Recognizing the symptoms for yourself could save your life.

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