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Fresh vs. Frozen Produce: Which is better?

Q: I’m trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, but they cost too much this time of year. Are frozen vegetables as nutritious as fresh ones?

A: Fruits and vegetables that are frozen right after harvesting actually can contain more nutrients than fresh versions. That’s because fruits and vegetables lose nutrients over time and with exposure to air and water.

When fresh produce sits on a truck for days or weeks, nutrient levels decrease. Exposure to air and water misters at the supermarket also decreases nutrients.

Buy fresh produce in season, preferably at a local farmer’s market where food hasn’t traveled far.

Buy frozen when fresh isn’t available or is priced higher than you’re willing to pay.

Keep the frozen variety on hand so you always have it handy for meals and snacks.
Get to know the health benefits of fruits and veggies.

Stephanie Karpinske, M.S., R.D., writes about weight loss, nutrition, and health issues. As an editor of many diet and health books, her mission is to help others live healthier lives.

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